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Founded in 2004, Jigsaw Business Networks (JBN) has established an ever growing list of public & private sector customers that trust us to provide leading IT hardware, software & implementation services at Value for Money prices. What is of real significance is that there is an element of natural integration between our technologies. Most of our customers purchase more than one technology from JBN- benefiting from true economies of scale.

Solution Framework

It is essential to review your current IT infrastructure to ensure that the technology deployed is kept up to date and that efficiencies are maximised wherever possible.

Internet & Email

JBN is able to offer a fully comprehensive internet & e-mail security solution that is in keeping with BS ISO 27001 & assists the organisation to embrace the web.

Power Management

JBN provides a highly power efficient range of true online UPS ranging from 1 to 400 kVA. We can properly scope to ensure that the right size UPS is installed for you.


Our leading edge technology UPS range is highly power efficient, possesses sophisticated accurate battery management functionality to extend battery life, is scalable to allow parallel systems for redundancy & capacity increasing, plus straightforward to install, operate & maintain.

The UPS are compatible with almost any input source, including generator power & have a licenced shut-down compatibility with virtualised ESX servers. Due to power efficiency, benefits are gained by reduced cable sizes & dramatically reduced running costs.

Accurate Battery Management ensures that battery degradation is minimised where possible. The charger uses a constant current appropriate for the battery type, preventing detrimental overcharging. Also ABM reduces the residual current ripple which is one of the main causes of premature battery wear. The same control circuit is employed to protect batteries against damaging deep discharges. Automatic temperature compensation can be incorporated resulting in the batteries being charged under correct thermal conditions. This feature greatly extends battery life. Furthermore an integrated periodical function is also included which tests monitors battery health providing advance notification of battery problems.

JBN offers FREE pre contract inspection on all makes of UPS – we will inspect fans, capacitors & batteries.

What is a capacitor?
A capacitor is an electronic component that stores electric charge. It consists of two conductive plates separated by an insulator/dielectric. They are used in all electronic pieces of equipment. The primary use for a capacitor is to smooth out fluctuations in voltage by storing electrical charge.

Why is it important to change capacitors?
Capacitors, like batteries degrade over time. When a capacitor fails, you may not see any visible effects but if one capacitor fails, the others may have to work overtime, which in effect reduces the overall life of all the capacitors.

The rate of degradation of a capacitor is governed by many things, however, the operating temperature and the capacity usage percentage will have the greatest effects.

Capacitors operating towards the high end of their voltage rating will degrade faster than if the same capacitor is operating at half of its nominal voltage rating.

In many cases a capacitor that fails may encourage the UPS to switch to bypass, putting the load in danger. To maximise the performance of your UPS, ensure you take care of these components and aim to change them at or near their rated lifespan of around 5 years.

JBN engineers can diagnose the problem early and our engineers can replace part or all of the capacitor banks to ensure maximum performance. A UPS operating at over 80% loading will usually require replacement components sooner than one operating at 75% and under.

Why is it important to change Cooling Fans?
The Fans inside a UPS are some of the hardest working components, they are constantly running to cool the UPS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fans installed in our UPS are of a very high grade in order to endure the life cycle of a loaded UPS. Like any item that has moving parts they will have a design life as parts of the items will wear and eventually start to breakdown. These fans have a design life of around 40,000 hours, if running 24/7 that is just under 5 years. If not replaced they will start to fail and once the UPS is not being cooled lots of items in the UPS will start to very rapidly fail, causing more damage to non-replaceable components eventually causing a UPS failure. Preventative maintenance recommends these are changed every 5 years to mitigate this risk.

JBN Referral Partner Network

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it! See what others say about us.

  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a UPS/maintenance supplier to the University of St Andrew’s since 2012. The mid-size UPS receives an annual maintenance visit & we have pleased with the performance & service to date. Recently a fan had to be replaced at short notice, but this was done under warranty, without qualm or quibble”.

    University of St Andrews
    University of St AndrewsIT Network Manager
  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a UPS supplier to Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton in the past year. We purchased a 2 kVA UPS for our racks & we have been most pleased with the performance so far & particularly with the 2 year manufacturer warranty that it was supplied with, not that it has been called upon but it is good peace of mind. Most rack mount UPS are only one year. We are looking to further expand our UPS estate via JBN in the foreseeable future”

    Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton
    Waterford Wedgwood Royal DoultonIT Support
  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a contractor to Robert Woodhead since 2013. In that time Jigsaw has successfully maintained 6 large UPS at Nottingham County on our behalf. Maintenance visits are carried out every 6 months to customer satisfaction & recently JBN has undertaken UPS remedial works on several of the UPS replacing obsolete batteries & fan replacements. We are very satisfied with the works carried out to date, as quoted and on the installation date stipulated”

    Robert Woodhead
    Robert WoodheadMaintenance Contracts Manager
  • “Forth Valley College purchased a mid-range UPS from JBN late 2013.Aside from having a 3 year UPS/Parts warranty, the College purchased 3 years maintenance at the same time at a very competitive price.In March 2015, our server room had to be relocated, which meant moving the UPS. JBN arranged for after hours Support if required.The project proceeded smoothly”.

    Forth Valley College
    Forth Valley CollegeIT Services

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