Founded in 2004, Jigsaw Business Networks (JBN) has established an ever growing list of public & private sector customers that trust us to provide leading IT hardware, software & implementation services at Value for Money prices. What is of real significance is that there is an element of natural integration between our technologies. Most of our customers purchase more than one technology from JBN- benefiting from true economies of scale.

Jigsaw Business Networks engineers are NICEIC compliant & have recently been accredited as CHAS compliant- giving you further peace of mind on any projects that we undertake on your behalf. We also hold significant Employer & Public Liability insurances through AXA Insurance, details are available on request.This convergence just adds to the value that JBN brings to our clients.

Over 80 customers around the UK can vouch for our “beyond the ordinary professionalism”

UPS Products

JBN provides a highly power efficient range of true online UPS ranging from 1 to 400 kVA. We can properly scope to ensure that the right size UPS is installed for you. We take into account not only your current network power requirements but also your future needs, so that you can be rest assured that your considerable investment in a quality UPS, will cover your needs in this area for the next 5-10 years. All our site work is NICEIC & CHAS certificated.

  • Rack or Tower Mount UPS- up to 10kVA single phase 3 year warranty option.
  • Floor standing single/three phase UPS and extended battery cabinets ranging from 10 to 400kVA with full mains bypass capability. Backed by a comprehensive 3 year UPS and battery warranty.
  • SNMP Network Management Connectivity. Allocate the UPS with a static IP address and be able to monitor remotely key operating data.
  • Intelligent Power Strips accurately measure critical power and energy information in real time. Monitor voltage, current, KVa, KWh, power factor and frequency. Any combination of single and three phase units; available with single or dual feed.
  • Annual or 6 month preventative maintenance support contracts ensuring that your UPS investment in performance tuned on a regular basis.
  • Check out our customer list to see which private & public sector bodies have already invested wisely in our technology leading UPS Power Protection Systems

Internet/E-mail/Data & Mobile Security

JBN also provides state of the art Internet/E-mail/Data & Mobile Security on ONE single unified platform. Deployment can be on-premise/cloud or hybrid.

A single unified architecture with the ability to deploy web/email & data security on one appliance or expand for performance & scale.

  • Unified Security Intelligence: Composite risk scoring combines multiple advanced analytics derived from proprietary intelligence cloud for web/email & data.
  • Unified Management & Reporting: Single console to create policies with re-use per channel, plus custom reporting for web, e-mail, data & mobile security.

Items to consider when selecting the right Web/E-mail/Data solution for you

  • How are you currently addressing web threats & controlling web access? What has been the impact of this to your business?
  • What security defences beyond antivirus are deployed for REALTIME analysis against targeted attacks.
  • How do you address data theft & data loss(compliance) for web access?
  • How do you monitor & provide effective policy controls for social media & networking?
  • How many systems currently do you log into to manage policies/reporting for your Web security, Email Security & Data Security products?

JBN can help you answer all of these questions by supplying/installing/maintaining THE leading technology in this market space.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it! See what others say about us.

  • “We have been using the Network Toolsets supplied & supported by JBN for the past 2 years. Steadily increasing our investment in this easy to use & deploy technology. We are most pleased with the results. We now have full visibility of our network at all times. ”

    Nottingham City Council
    Nottingham City CouncilSteve Rooth Network Analyst
  • “Jigsaw provided a thorough Network Performance Monitoring & trouble-shooting toolkit which we refer to regularly. We were able to fully evaluate before having to commit. We also used JBN for a 180 point Cat5E/Fibre Optic Cabling installation.”

    Cornwall Farmers
    Cornwall FarmersDave Rees ICT Manager
  • “We have used JBN to provide both user training and consultancy on the BI/BPM toolsets. Throughout our relationship we have found JBN staff to be very helpful and flexible. Their in-depth knowledge about these toolsets have helped us maximise the business value.”

    Manheim Auctions
    Manheim AuctionsCraig Mailey Director of Customer Services
  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a UPS/maintenance supplier to the University of St Andrew’s since 2012. The mid-size UPS receives an annual maintenance visit & we have pleased with the performance & service to date. Recently a fan had to be replaced at short notice, but this was done under warranty, without qualm or quibble”.

    University of St Andrews
    University of St AndrewsIT Network Manager
  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a UPS supplier to Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton in the past year. We purchased a 2 kVA UPS for our racks & we have been most pleased with the performance so far & particularly with the 2 year manufacturer warranty that it was supplied with, not that it has been called upon but it is good peace of mind. Most rack mount UPS are only one year. We are looking to further expand our UPS estate via JBN in the foreseeable future”

    Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton
    Waterford Wedgwood Royal DoultonIT Support
  • “Jigsaw Business Networks Ltd has been a contractor to Robert Woodhead since 2013. In that time Jigsaw has successfully maintained 6 large UPS at Nottingham County on our behalf. Maintenance visits are carried out every 6 months to customer satisfaction & recently JBN has undertaken UPS remedial works on several of the UPS replacing obsolete batteries & fan replacements. We are very satisfied with the works carried out to date, as quoted and on the installation date stipulated”

    Robert Woodhead
    Robert WoodheadMaintenance Contracts Manager
  • “Forth Valley College purchased a mid-range UPS from JBN late 2013.Aside from having a 3 year UPS/Parts warranty, the College purchased 3 years maintenance at the same time at a very competitive price.In March 2015, our server room had to be relocated, which meant moving the UPS. JBN arranged for after hours Support if required.The project proceeded smoothly”.

    Forth Valley College
    Forth Valley CollegeIT Services
  • Jigsaw Business Networks has been a totally dependable supplier to the City Council since 2009. JBN has conducted multiple UPS supply and installation on several sites. Projects have been on-time and on-budget& adhering to strict Health & Safety regulations that the City Council insists upon to protect its staff and all contractors. All UPS equipment is maintained on an annual basis by JBN, to protect the City Council’s considerable investment

    Nottingham City Council
    Nottingham City CouncilPhil Brooker Network Analyst Nottingham City Council
  • We instructed Jigsaw Business Networks to scope/supply/install and commission a 40 Kva UPS for the server room at our College in Deane Rd. JBN also supplied 14 various sizes of plug and play UPS for our communication cabinets.All our kit was supplied exactly ontime & to budget –with the protection of an ongoing support contract. Earlier in 2015, we had to have the 40 kVA UPS batteries replaced. These works were conducted to exacting NICIEC standards& were completed within the expected time-frame.

    Bolton College
    Bolton College Railton Knott IT Network Manager
  • Recently we migrated from SurfControl to our new application supplied by JBN. We are satisfied that we have moved onto the right technology at the right price. We were given the opportunity of signing up for a longer time at a discounted price- which we took up and are most pleased with our decision

    Stateside Foods
    Stateside FoodsGlenn Heron IT Manager
  • We have continued to significantly invest in the Web Security application supplied by JBN. JBN’s installed the application device on our web server without complication & we were up & running within hours. Since we installed this technology, web usage internally & externally has been under constant security- very pleasing in today’s threatening internet environment.

    Airbus Defence & Space
    Airbus Defence & SpaceProject Manager
  • Just a quick line to say that the two MGE 11kva UPS's you supplied came into their own during December.Wetherby UK was subject to a major power outage which lasted over 2 hours.The UPS's kept my WAN and servers running without any problems.I found the LCD display which indicates the amount of time left in the batteries most useful. This enabled me to carry out a controlled shutdown of a couple of 'non critical' servers one and a half hours into the outage. My remoter users didn't even realise there had been disruption to the power.We have recently taken on additional UPS to protect our Network at our offices in Leeds & at one of our subsidiaries, Neville Long. We placed our orders with Jigsaw Business Networks & have been most pleased with the results.Furthermore, the two x MGE UPS mentioned above had to be relocated at short notice. JBN handled the project with aplomb & had the Network load running in the server room without a hitch.

    Encon Insulation Ltd
    Encon Insulation LtdColin Broadbank IT Manager
  • We have used JBN to provide both user training and consultancy on the BI/BPM toolsets. Throughout our relationship we have found JBN staff to be very helpful and flexible. Their in-depth knowledge about these toolsets have helped us maximise the business value.

    Manheim Auctions
    Manheim AuctionsCraig Mailey Director of Customer Services