Environmental Policy



Jigsaw Business Networks provides its customers with environmentally responsible IT products and services that comply with prevailing environment legislation here in the UK at all times. JBN encourages our customers to consider technologies that offer lower power consumption and assist with greater energy efficiencies.

Internal responsibilities

JBN continuously strives to minimise internal waste, maximise recycling efforts, reduce consumption and to ensure where possible that office equipment, furniture etc is re-used, repaired or recycled where possible. JBN supports a healthy, productive and safe working environment with environmental awareness.

Use of public transport is encouraged where practical. Conference calls and video conferencing used where possible. We do actively encourage partnerships and alliances with technology suppliers who have a similar environmentally aware policy.



External responsibilities

Jigsaw Business Networks supplies both IT software and hardware to our customers. A key element of our offerings are power efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). We proactively work with our suppliers and customers to ensure that the UPS that we supply, install & support- are the most power efficient available at affordable prices. As part of our service, we provide an environmentally safe and regulatory compliant UPS disposal service. All removals are fully certificated in accordance with existing WEEE legislation. Our UPS are able to operate in a physical and virtualised server environment.

JBN researches the market on an ongoing basis to identify uptodate power management software solutions that can best operate with our UPS and integrate to our network monitoring toolsets.

Jigsaw Business Networks fully supports the concept of virtualisation of physical servers and offers technologies that assist in this regard.

This policy is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.