Frequently Asked Questions – UPS

Autonomy Time – how long will the UPS keep the Network up if mains power fails?

Onboard time for smaller UPS 1-5 kVA around 5 minutes. Extended by adding additional battery boxes, which can also be added to if required(up to 4 in a series)

Remote Management – can you see the UPS on the Network?

If the UPS is allocated an IP address, alerting that the UPS is up/down, power consumption & percentage load management information can be fed back by the UPS via SNMP protocol

Rack/Tower adaptable?

The RT Series allows for the UPS to be used in either a 19” Rack or Tower mode. All RM rails are included in the price. 19” is a standard measurement worldwide

Plug & Play or needs certified installation? Single or Three phase power?

The smaller UPS up to 5 kVA are plug & play single phase power. 6 kVA and above needs proper certified installation & commissioning by qualified staff. +15 kVA is three phase power only. All installation staff are NICIEC & CHAS accredited – UK standard

Warranties & Site Surveys offered?

JBN is offering our clients a SPECIAL 3 year warranty on the smaller 1-5 kVA UPS and also 3 year warranty on the +10 kVA UPS. JBN will come onsite undertake a full site survey FOC for larger UPS requirements. We will also look at your distribution boards & power cabling & make recommendations as required.
We will estimate your power load accurately. All we require is a product type list of the devices to be protected

FAQs – Internet/E-Mail Security/ Data Leakage Protection

How does the application identify possible threats?

It has an analytical engine that performs both inbound AND outbound content analysis to deliver best security

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Term used to describe the embedding of DLP Technology for the Web Channels eg via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Our application offers a full range of content identifiers through digital fingerprinting over thousand policy rules and full DLP management and reporting for data in motion over Web Channels

What is UNIQUE about your Web DLP

Our application is the ONLY one on the market today that delivers the full content inspection, management and reporting capabilities of a full enterprise DLP solution for the Web Channel. Most other gateways only offer keyword or regular expression content analysis- which leads to false positives & negatives, inadequate reporting and no clear path to migrate or expand to a full DLP implementation, that spans discovery of data at rest and in use.

Can we try before we buy?

JBN can assist you through a thorough evaluation process. We just need to know that you are serious in wanting to evaluate. Product specialists are on hand to offer invaluable advice during the evaluation period.

Is this Security application meant for Corporates and large public sector bodies

No certainly not. We can tailor a solution to suit the budget of most SME’s. Also the application is modular. Most clients start off with Web cover, then expand onto e-mail & DLP cover. Implementations are quick & tried and tested. We can have you up and running within 24-48 hours of initial implementation

So briefly what does your Internet Security application cover?

The Web, E-Mail and Data Security on a single unified platform