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JBN is able to offer a fully comprehensive internet & e-mail security solution that is in keeping with BS ISO 27001 & assists the organisation to embrace the web with safety & security. To compete in today’s market, a business needs more than just constant internet connectivity, it needs the assurance that essential information can be retrieved across any communication channel.
Employees are expected to use the internet to gather & exchange information whenever & wherever needed. The challenge is to empower employees to harness the power of the web without compromising corporate security, violating acceptable use policies or jeopardising sensitive data.

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IT departments need to find solutions that minimise data leaks and prevent access to inappropriate or malicious content, without compromising the collaboration, openness and connectivity that the web allows.
Traditional security products such as antivirus and firewalls cannot address this need. Typically these solutions are “block based “on a binary decision of good or bad and cannot manage dynamically changing content.

The answer is to know the who,what, how and where of your data sharing requirements and control access according to those needs.It is essential that both private and public organisations invest properly in internet security technologies if they rely on the web to do their business in some shape or form. The more reliant they are, the more critical it is to get the technology choice right. Several of our customers have already made that choice & trusted JBN to find the right Web Security solution for them. We can carry out a FREE analysis of your current Internet security systems and highlight any risks that you might have inherent in those systems deployed.
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Internet Security

Today, successful organisations depend upon their ability to collaborate, communicate, and share information online. Established tools, such as email and the Web, are now more important than ever before, while emerging Web 2.0 applications, blogs, and social networking sites allow organisations to work in new, more efficient, and innovative ways.

Yet these technologies also expose businesses and other organizations to a variety of new and emerging information security risks. Malware and malicious Web sites pose external threats to confidential data, and the inappropriate use or distribution of such data creates equally pressing internal threats.

Existing point security solutions, such as anti-malware or antispam tools, address some of these threats, yet they fail to detect many others. While a growing number of integrated content security suites attempt to fill the need for more advanced security solutions, these offerings often create more problems than they solve — increasing complexity, costs, and even creating redundancy in some areas yet leaving gaps in coverage in others.

Our Internet Security Solution:

  • Empowers users, enables communication, collaboration and information exchange over the Web, including Web 2.0, email and other business applications and communications platforms.
  • Keep users safe, by providing real-time access to the Web and email content combined with real-time, dynamic blocking of malware and malicious content sources.
  • Enforce acceptable use policies, ensuring that employees can go where they need to go online, while keeping them productive and limiting company liability.
  • Enforce data security policies, by protecting confidential business data and guarantee regulatory compliance across common business applications and communication channels.

Email security policy

Be able to facilitate email communication by allowing confidential emails to authorised users whilst preventing data loss. Protect users by blocking user access via emails to websites which may have been compromised- or otherwise hosting malicious content from URL’s received in emails. Our solution encompasses multiple layers of intelligence that provides the best protection from today’s complex threats such as spam, viruses, malware, phishing and harmful URL’s.
We can protect with layers that are fully automated and deliver continuous protection- whilst your employees can focus on more strategic initiatives

  • Antivirus protection- multiple antivirus technologies that combine zero hour antivirus scanning with antivirus engines to provide extensive and integrated threat protection- all from one vendor.
  • Powerful antispam protection- the breadth of security research and intelligence uniquely offers our customers with a solution that protects from even blended threats at the source.
  • Integrated reputation analysis- integrates with reputation services in our hosted infrastructure and provides deep connection level management on incoming email- greatly reducing server loads and ensuring comprehensive zero hour protection.
  • Easy to install and administer- provision of automatic database updates, flexible policy setting, market leading reporting, to create best in class protection with exceptional visibility and control.