Power Management


JBN provides a highly power efficient range of true online UPS ranging from 1 to 400 kVA. We can properly scope to ensure that the right size UPS is installed for you. We take into account not only your current network power requirements but also your future needs, so that you can be rest assured that your considerable investment in a quality UPS, will cover your needs in this area for the next 5-10 years. All our site work is NICIEC certificated. Our engineers are also CHAS accredited to ensure installation work is conducted safely and securely at all times.

  • Rack or Tower Mount UPS- up to 10kVA single phase- 3 year warranty option.
  • Floor standing single/three phase UPS and extended battery cabinets ranging from 10 to 400kVA with full mains bypass capability. Backed by a comprehensive 3 year UPS and battery warranty.
  • SNMP Network Management Connectivity. Allocate the UPS with a static ip address and be able to monitor remotely key operating data.
  • Intelligent Power Strips accurately measure critical power and energy information in real time. Monitor voltage, current, KVa, KWh, power factor and frequency. Any combination of single and three phase units; available with single or dual feed.
  • Annual or 6 month preventative maintenance support contracts ensuring that your UPS investment in performance tuned on a regular basis. Support contracts can be invoiced MONTHLY on request.
  • Check out our customer list to see which private & public sector bodies have already invested wisely in our technology leading UPS Power Protection Systems.

Some of the key Power Management issues that JBN assesses continuously:



JBN continuously performs technical reviews of the UPS and compatible generators that we market. As an illustration of this fact, our power protection for network systems are highly power efficient. By using just two power conversion stages, power usage is reduced, as well as heat output reduction, which in turn means reduced airconditioning requirements- a double benefit!

An Emergency Power Supply mode can also be set. In this intelligent mode, the mains line is being continuously monitored assuring high reliability. Ecomode ensures that power intake into the UPS is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our engineers will explain these power savings further as part of our FREE site survey service, available nationwide.

Power Supply Problems

Not all UPS are of the same quality- should you be wanting to protect your critical servers and applications at all times, you need to invest in True Online UPS, devices that protect from all 9 causes of power problems.
So what are the 9 common power problems and how are they caused?

  • Power surges – heavy electrical equipment being turned off.
  • High voltage spikes – lightning strikes.
  • Switching transients – again lightning strikes.
  • Power sags – heavy electrical equipment being turned on.
  • Electrical line noise – electrical motors in use.
  • Frequency variation – unstable frequency power sources.
  • Brownout – overloaded circuits.
  • Power failure – circuit breaker tripped, power distribution failure.


Should you suspect that your site is experiencing any of these power problems, please contact us immediately and make use of of our FREE electrical site survey and we will scope the right value for money solution to resolve any of these power problems.


Redundancy and Capacity increase

Our UPS can be configured to act as a UPS with N+1 Redundancy, or can be configured for power expansion. The UPS can be paralleled for up to 5 other machines. Parallel control is digital and acts on both active and reactive power on each output phase- allowing for accurate sharing of load between machines.

Simple parallel interconnections make for easy installation in the field.Same applies to upgrades & additional units allowing for increased capacity