UPS and Internet/Email Security


Uninterruptible Power Supplies

World leading products are only as good as the installation services that go with the wrap-around professional implementation. All our UPS engineers are fully certified by the technology providers themselves & the appropriate independent certification bodies- NICEIC and recently CHAS
NICEIC certification independently ensures that electrical contractors undertaking design/installation/commissioning & maintenance of electrical installations, is being done to British Standard BS 7671.
Furthermore, annual CHAS accreditation ensures that o ur Health & Safety Policies, including Risk Assessment Method Statements have been independently assessed as being of an standard acceptable to across industry buyers & other concerned parties. This accreditation is renewed annually to ensure that robust Health & Safety practices are continuously maintained.

JBN has industry leading RAMS covering essential UPS remedial works such as

  • Method Statements for Changing Batteries on Customer Premises
  • Impedance Testing on alc l makes of UPS batteries
  • Onsite Risk Assessments detailing working on live electrical systems, on high DC voltages
  • High Level working
  • Working & moving in tight/awkward spaces
  • Correct use of Tools & Test Equipment to H&S standards
  • Lone Working
  • Emergency & First Aid

All of the above is on record & copies of the RAMS can be lodged with customer Health & Safety.

Internet & Email Security

Internet/E-mail/Data protection implementations are undertaken to certified technology provider standard.
Our vendor trained installation engineers are able to install, configure, administer & support the Industry leading Application in this field. Our application engineers have successfully deployed in a variety of network environments.
We understand first hand challenging Internet/E-Mail environments. We can install & configure initial settings. Configure explicit & transparent proxies, configure multiple methods of identification & authentication. Understand how this Application might need to be integrated existing with third Party solutions.
Before we undertake any new installations, our Project Management Team will meet with the customer counterparts & scope out a detailed implementation strategy to ensure a successful implementation within budget & on-time.


Operation and maintenance of UPS

Our UPS have a high power to space ratio, resulting in a very small footprint allowing the client to achieve maximum power in a relatively small space. Our cabinet type UPS are fitted with wheels making it easy to move in and out of position. Most of our UPS are covered by 3 year manufacturer warranty – for your added peace of mind.
Our UPS are normally wired up to a compatible maintenance bypass switch, allowing for the UPS to be taken into maintenance mode- serviced- and returned to the network with the minimum of fuss.
JBN has 3 levels of Support contract, ensuring that your installed unit is fully protected at all times. A Preventative Maintenance Visit is carried out by the manufacturers on an annual basis, as part of your existing maintenance contract. We can provide budget next day Support through to fully comprehensive 24/7/365 Gold Level Support – anywhere in the UK & into mainland Europe.



All Preventative Maintenance Visits are governed by a comprehensive Service Visit Report. This Report is filled in onsite by the attending engineer & signed-off at the end of the Maintenance Visit by the appropriate customer site contact.
The objectives for each PMV is fully described & any follow up actions are properly notated & discussed face to face with the customer onsite.
Preventative Maintenance Checks inspect/measure all power inputs into the UPS, bypass & current state of UPS batteries- including individual cell voltages. We inspect all cables for overheating or defects. Removal of accumulated dust deposits is done as a matter of course. Inspect all AC & DC Capacitors. Check fans & ventilation distance. Inspect transformers for any signs of overheating. Inspection and adjustment if necessary of signalling & monitoring (SNMP) devices.
Any UPS Firmware is updated if need be & a service reminder alarm reset/sticker attached to ensure that the next PMV is carried out within 6 or 12 months, as contracted. Providing the Maintenance Protocol at end of visit.
The above Preventative Maintenance Visit procedure is governed by the appropriate RAMS, a copy of which we will lodge with customer Network Management PRIOR to undertaking the PMV, if requested.

Needless to say, all PMV works are to NICEIC & CHAS standards.