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Providing Maximum Security With Minimum Maintenance and Management Overheads

To keep your endpoints safe, you need an easy way to identify and prioritize risks, reduce your attack surface, and stop breaches before they happen. That means you need protection that blocks advanced, automated and targeted threats like ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks.

WithSecure Elements Endpoint Protection provides you autonomous award-winning protection to stop modern threats. Our solution has everything your business needs for endpoint protection, including fully integrated patch management capabilities, layered protection, and advanced behaviour and empirical analysis.

Easy to use: Provides you with autonomous protection round the clock, meaning little manual work or expertise needed from you and your team. Its cloud-based management, scalable deployment, and automatic removal of old security software makes deployment painless.

Single, cloud-based console: Managed through a single cloud-based console, including deployment, management and monitoring of all endpoint security components, their profiles and integrated tools – saving you time in management and maintenance tasks.

Automated updates: Reduces maintenance work, saving you time and money with simplified security management, automatic product, client and database updates, and automated patch management.

You can use WithSecure Elements Endpoint Protection alone, or as part of the WithSecure Elements cyber security platform. This fully cloud-based platform covers Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response, and Microsoft 365 Collaboration Protection – all managed through a single platform, WithSecure Elements Security Center, to streamline everyday operations and let you focus on what matters. Replace complexity with simplicity.

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