What is tested on a UPS service is outlined as below. At JBN we specialise in servicing in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. We would always endeavour to give the UPS a full service which would contain the following:

UPS History Logs: We will download the history and events and check them to see if there have been any underlying issues in the last year, with either the UPS or site. We will also check all configurations and make sure the UPS is set to achieve its optimum performance and has the latest firmware versions available. If not we can change these later in the process.

Environment: The environment is essential to the performance and lifespan of both the UPS and batteries. The temperature and humidity will be checked and recorded, the UPS will be cleaned and the fans will be checked and any dust removed.

Inspections: The whole installation will be checked for any signs of overheating or damage, this includes all the cabling to and from the UPS, the Bypass panel (If Applicable) and any other physical connections inside or outside the UPS.

Battery Inspections: The batteries will be checked for any physical signs of venting or corrosion. The temperature will be checked and the date code of the batteries or installation date recorded.

Physical Measurements: These are best taken using a calibrated instrument such as a DMM and a Current clamp and then compared with the UPS front panel to determine if the display is accurate. We will check the Input/Output Voltage(S), Currents(S), Frequency(S) along with Neutral Current(S) and Neutral/Earth Voltage(S)The Battery Voltage will be checked both before and after a battery test. The battery test serves a few purposes; it will check the actual battery capacity which helps determine if the unit will achieve the autonomy you need from the batteries on a mains fail but also gives us the ability to check the recharge current(s).

Internal Inspection: At this point we can now examine the UPS in more depth as it is isolated and the load is on mains power. We can now check the tightness of all connections and a more detailed inspection of the PCB’S.

UPS settings: At this point we can change any firmware or settings to the UPS, any service or battery service alarms will be cleared and we will delete the History and events. Once we are happy that the unit is in good order we can bring the unit back to normal operation without loss of power to the load.

Non-intrusive service: We also know that all of the above isn’t always possible due to the nature of the business, so at the very least we will do a full visual inspection with all the essential measurements. This is a non-intrusive service and the UPS system will remain online throughout the service and the load will always be protected.