Jigsaw Business Networks provides its customers, with a fully Health & Safety legislation compliant Onsite Risk Assessment Methodology before carrying out any Preventative Maintenance Services.


Onsite Risk Assesment: Access to workplace, any identifiable hazards such as slipping, tripping and falling from a height. Working with the UPS- multiple voltages & supplies onsite. Exposure to live terminals. Risk of electrocution. Proper use of handtools by suitably qualified personnel. Lone working risks etc.

Sequence of Operations: Confirm objectives of the Preventative Maintenance Service visit with the appointed customer contact. Typically the objectives would be to verify that the UPS is fully operational post visit, that the batteries are in a serviceable condition, any concerns would be properly noted on the Service Visit Record & signed off by the appointed customer contact. JBN will then make proposals to address any remedial works required to keep the UPS fully operational & your investment protected.

Method of Work: explained fully on our Maintenance Services Record. Highlights would include- Checking environmental or physical conditions onsite to ensure that UPS performance is not adversely affected. Checking out any UPS parallel system to ensure that customer’s power load does not exceed the UPS rating- quite a common overlooked problem. UPS will overheat under these adverse conditions. Inspect all electrical connections & cables for signs of overheating or defects. Common problem in growing businesses- often extra manufacturing equipment is added to the power load without an appropriate up-rating of the power network infrastructure. Inspection of AC and DC Capacitors- often these sensitive pieces of equipment are allowed to run until they drop- causing possible terminal damage to the UPS. Your UPS capacitors need to be checked on a REGULAR basis.

JBN offers a FREE battery/fan/capacitor check on all major makes of UPS- irrespective of whether the kit was originally purchased via JBN or not. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Our engineers will also carry out checks on input/output/manual by-pass switching, battery health, firmware updating & a general evaluation of any other factors not mentioned above. Manpower and Skills Requirements: Engineers assigned to carry out Preventative Maintenance Service activities will be qualified on the basis of relevant technical, Health & Safety training. Record of all engineer’s qualifications and experience are maintained in accordance with requirements of the manufacturer quality management system.

This is an abbreviated example of a typical Preventative Maintenance Services Record. We have additional RAMS on file to cater for all types of UPS maintenance & remedial works. Our work is fully compliant with current Health & Safety legislation at all times.