WithSecure Atlant is a platform for building
applications that are able to scan and detect
malicious files and URLs. It provides content
scanning and reputation services to any
application on the network.
Atlant provides a REST API for scanning files,
URLs and managing the product configuration
Atlant provides an ICAP (The Internet Content
Adaptation Protocol) scanning interface for
scanning files and URLs.
Atlant offers automatic and pinned version
upgrades. The pinned product version is
supported for one year from the day a new
pinnable product version has been released.
Atlant instance(s) can be monitored and
configured by using WithSecure Policy

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    What is WithSecure Atlant?


    Multiple scanning engines
    provide a layered protection
    against harmful content

    WithSecure Cloud technology
    (Security Cloud) provides
    real-time and always
    up-to-date protection for both
    files and URLs

    Provides URL filtering that
    supports multiple different
    content categories

    Updates can be configured to
    meet your needs

    Easy to deploy, integrate and
    configure for a wide range of
    purposes (REST, ICAP,
    Command Line)

    The scanning service can be
    easily integrated with
    ICAP-compatible software